Big News!

Baby Coming November 2018!


In addition to the gift of a new life, this new experience is providing me other little gifts along the way. I am excited to realized that this is just part of the journey and there is more to come! One of the first is a new perspective on exercise.  
As some of you may know, I experienced significant weight loss after taking up running and changing to a plant based diet. The reason I started running (which came before my diet change) was because I wanted to lose weight.  It was easy and I began to enjoy it as I built up my mileage. Running 8, 12, 15, 18, 20 and finally completing 26.2 miles was exciting and another journey on its own. 
It was so amazing to see myself conquer these new challenges and break through to new levels. However, the reason I was doing it was for my health yes, but because I wanted to lose weight. And it worked! Then after losing the weight I was motivated to continue to maintain the weight loss and I continue to sign up for races. 
As for going plant based… I did that because I learned some things about our food that I could not unlearn and knowing that has been what has helped me adhere to my healthy plant based diet. BUT I am not here to talk about my diet today. 
My new perspective on exercise is move your body because it feels good, not because you HAVE to! A body is meant to move! Meant to be in motion!
I had kept up with my running and weight lifting routines because I did enjoy it but there was another motivator…the fear of regaining the weight I lost. Then when I became pregnant and the first trimester kicked my butt I cut back... a lot! 
Finally now, ending that time period I've gotten my energy levels back, resumed some running, spin and weights. However, I am doing things differently… walking in the evening instead of running and taking walk breaks when I run. Doing what FEELS GOOD and doing it because I WANT to! Not pushing myself to a certain level for any reason other than FEEL GOODNESS! This has helped me enjoy my exercise routine in a whole new way!


In my health coaching practice, I help people change what they are doing, which changes their results and leads to new experiences. New experiences lead to new perspectives which will totally rock your world!

This is how you build a foundation for creating healthy habits that last! Does this interest you? Would you like to talk with me about how you can start building lasting change in your life? Click here to schedule now!

Here's to taking Empowered Action!

Amanda Laukaitis